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A Sigh of Relief

No doc's appt for 2 weeks. Yup, 2 weeks!

Of course I can phone at 8am every morning to try for cancellations............

I now have enough Co-Codamol to see me through the next few days. I'm pretty happy as I type actually. I still have to up n down like a bloody jack-in-the-box every 20 minutes or so, but I see that as a very small price to pay for the pain relief. Checked with a nurse friend, and yup, I can take Ducolax daily to stop constipation. Checked the wine label, doesn't say don't take with pills, so I'm away!

I have semi revived the birthday to just be Sunday LAM and lunch. I can't dance n booze or do anything I'd really like to do, so no point in forcing it. Cut one's cap according to one's physical cloth. My physical cloth is a tad threadbare at the moment, so calm, and party on later in the year. As I said before, 51 ain't exactly a biggie. But still very appreciative of friends who want to celebrate with me, thank you.

I always have said I wished I were a creative, like Donna, or a writer, like Margs, or indeed many of my friends in their various creative capacities. I may have stumbled upon something I've done pretty much all my life. It's not writing, but it is word-smithy. Hmmmm. I'm quite good at that. And organising and networking n fings. I may just have found an outlet for that, and a cash flow!

I feel cheery now, but I know that's due to prescription pain killers :)


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