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So anyway, firstly LJ has decided I'm Russian again. So Здравствуйте

Next, we have Trumpetty Trump, unquietly ploughing his way through human rights, at pace! Trans people ceased to have rights today. Last couple of days, he's pretty much dissed all the Jews, the media en-masse, and launched another mahoosive immigration crackdown. Largely from golf courses it would seem. And then we've had North Korea bumping people off and launching the odd nuclear missile. And more Brexit woe. Millions dying of starvation in Africa. A huge increase in anti-semitic attacks. UK business rates going up almost double. I could go on but it's depressing. Really depressing.

And I feel almost guilty that my life is going great. I feel loved, empowered and pretty much able to do anything I put my mind to.

Saving grace this week, is Frankie. Frankie I met through frequenting very naughty gay clubs. He's a leather Daddy/Bear, and absolutely adorable, as is his husband, Gary. I am not going to say too much here, other than to say his husband feels he's taken exception to me, as he doesn't usually take to females so well. But I love chatting to him and we have fun. So cutting to the chase now, he posts via FB that he's at London Fashion Week. And for some reason, I bloody KNEW he was walking for somebody! He's not a model, he's shorter than me, too old, and too plump etc for modelling - albeit utterly lovely in my eyes. And no, this designer didn't decide to do "alternative". Just Frankie. So here's my fave Leather Daddy in all his catwalk glory :)


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