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I am dreading my weekly weigh-in tomorrow. With great gusto, myself and lovely Dawnie managed to scoff 3 courses and 3 bottles of wine and 2 Espresso Martinis. Ooops! However, technically it was work, as I was getting paid, so it just means I am very involved in what I do *coff*. And we had a blast with lots of chatter and planning. But 2 dinners out this week, with wine, is a bit naughty, plus the 2 at the weekend..... My bad!

I've been having some rather interesting and conversations with girlfriends this week, some eye-openers to be sure.

Work is absolutely splendid, made the target with a week in hand, stonking! I did suggest that I should need to come back 'til March, that fell on deaf ears. But the first 6 weeks of the year, we've stormed through everything. Phenomenal!

I went out to buy some treats for dins at lunchtime, and blow me, Waitrose had tables and chairs outside! And at least 50 people were sitting, eating outside in the massive 12 degree heatwave. Has spring sprung? I do hope so, I want to get stuck into the garden.

I'm sat at home, ignoring the cats handbagging each other, with a hangover, awaiting my lover's return from Verona. Another hour or two at a guess. Shan't be going out tonight though :)

Quick look at the BBC to see what astoundingly stooopid thing Trump has done now!


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