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Feb. 14th, 2017

Boo is in Verona and Parma this week, lucky bugger! However, he did leave me a rather lovely note inside my Valentine's card, and gave my a vintage perfume bottle, with a puffer on it, and he's bringing back some perfume from Italy. I feel slightly guilty for only getting him a card!

Dins and a gossipy catch up with Debs last night. She's loved up to the point of daftness, and it's sooooo sweet :)

More dins and gossip with Dawnie on Thursday, but in the light of losing another 1.9 kilos this week, I'm staying off the carbs. I'm quite pleased with how I've done. Not easy, especially with no exercise. Which brings me on to my knee. I've been doing as little as possible, but it still hurts like billy-o. I have a doc's appt next week to discuss the options. I think a steroid injection might help, we'll see.

Meanwhile, jolly appreciative of friends who've taken the time to see me whilst I'm home alone, and the little messenger natters, it's all good :)

I went to Poznan in Poland at the weekend. The trip was a tad curtailled by by inability to walk too far, and by golly gosh, it was frrrrrreeeeeeeezing! But it's a lovely town, and dirt cheap! I'm not booking any more weekend until my walking is better, when you're only somewhere for 2 days, you gotta max out your time there.

Arranging something for my birthday, because Lin n Dawnie are bullying me! Not an extravaganza this year, just cocktails and dinner, but it should be fun, I hope people want to come.

I've just stuck some more stuff on Ebay, and now I need to investigate a churning noise!


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