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Feb. 4th, 2017

Well, it's been an interrrrrresting week!

Won the court case. By mesself. Quite chuffed with that, especially as I've been feeling soooooo dire this week. They've got 21 days to pay up or appeal. I've said the dosh will go towards our Etape trip to Les Hautes Alpes in July. Do 6 nights instead of 3 and see a bit more. Time for Rod to relax between riding and driving, which is important.

And speaking of hols am semi decided to eschew Corfu and the annual gerl's jolly in favour of a 3 week trip to Oz over Christmas. Pending it getting signed off at work. Lots of good reasons to do this.

Had a long ole chat with Rod's ma this morning. his uncle and aunt will be coming to visit for a week in May, which means this house really will have to be cleared. A HUGE task, it's in such an awful state. This doesn't mean Ebaying odds n sods, this means a lot of stuff needs to go, mine included. And there's an enormous amount of cleaning now imminent. I'm sure we'll manage it if we pull together, but Rod really needs to get his head around letting things go. It is such a major bone of contention and always causes rows unfortunately. I live in hope, always the optimist! Had enough of living like this anyway, it's just horrible.

Tuesday night boo went out on a works do, v posh one at that. Came back pissed and said a few extremely lovely things, which has made me somewhat rethink how I feel. He also told me something norty, which when I repeated to him, he thought he was having internal dialogue, LMAO! But fabulous food for thought. I really think we have turned a very important corner :)

My *coff coff* friends couldn't make a walk and a vintage fair today. They were all very busy. Apart from they weren't and did something else instead. Now, as the old saying goes, you can't change they way people behave, you can only change they way you behave towards them. Had a nice dinner out with Dawnie last night, first time out this week too. And tomorrow I've afternoon tea at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. After that, I won't be going out of my way to arrange or participate. Nothing against any of them, just thought it was a bit mean, or possibly thoughtless. So, time to make time for people who make time for me.

Laptop has gone back as it's just gone black, and the new PC is going back on Friday, it's unbelievably slooooooow. What a shower of shite new technology is!

Diet started in earnest this week, 1.8 kilos lost. Wasn't hard as I've been ill for most of it.

Bloody busy work week ahead, and boo's away!


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