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I am home alone tonight, boo is on the lash in Hertford with a couple of mates, and he's kipping at the TA centre. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am drinking his wine and buying dresses in the Collectif sale ;)

It's soooooo cold, and I'm really feeling it this year. I am not liking going out much! The lure of a warm home and no wearing multiple layers whilst skating about of icy surfaces appeals. But spring is on it's way. We've stuff sprouting in the garden already, albeit due to the unseasonably warm autumn/winter up til now.

Last weekend we went to Bristol, and enjoyed it. We were meant to meet up with Mel & Si, but he's been really unwell, and they wisely decided not to make it. That having been said, I am soooo taken with the city, I think we'll be back, so hopefully see them when the weather is more clement. I'd really love to see them both. Maybe Bath, we have an hotel there too :)

Got a freebie weekend via work, the hotel was great, near the centra, huge room with a chaise longe-thingy and a HUGE comfy bed. I'd treated us to 70 minute massages in their spa, and there was a pool, so we had a wee dip too. Breakfast was yummy scrummy, no complaints! Friday night, we made it down in just over 2 hours from home, pretty impressive huh! Straight out to The V Shed for dins and a few drinks, and they had a dance floor, so a boogie too, although I was wearing a roll neck sweater, it was roasting, but anyway, fun. And right on the waterside, lovely location.

Saturday, with no plans, we meandered around the town at whim, going where our noses took us, which was very enjoyable. It's an interesting city, with it's trading, pirate and architechtural history, and it's an amazing hotch-potch of pretty good new (and I don't do new) and wonderful old buildings. Plus the docks and waterways. And TONS of excellent street art. And a couple of good markets - saw some great silver jewellery and an amazing stall with all things ultra chilli. Really lots to see, and some pretty good shopping too. Restaurants and bars, you're spoiled for choice, honestly. I had pre-booked a place called Turtle Bay, which turned out to be a hot pick. Fab cocktails, a really buzzing atmosphere and PROPER Jamaican food! And very funny waiting staff. And then a couple of local bars, both former banks, in very grand surrounds. A good night :)

Heads up to the veggie cafe, Roll for the Soul. I suggested going in for a coffee cuz of it's community cycle base. It is clearly a communal hub, with lots of locals disappearing into the workshop, and loads going on. I opted for a coffee and a sit-down, Rod disappeared into the workshops, just to fix his sunnies apparently ;) Great looking food and lovely staff. And they do suspended coffees, which I thoroughly approve of. And purchased one.

Sunday morning we headed out to Clifton Suspension Bridge. Amazing view, and a nice little yomp around the hill walk surrounding the Bristol end. Absolutely spiffing.

This week I've slowed down my food and drink consumption. I really do need to drop weight and get some fitness back. I'm super-aware of that now. I just don't seem to be in the right place to dig in, but I will be, watch this space.

Last night we got very last-minute freebies to "Dirty Great Love Story" at The Arts Theatre in Soho. A rapid Italian meal in Sartori beforehand. I'd forgotten how much I ADORE veal involtine, mmmmmm. The show itself was rather brilliant. Two protagonsists, no props, but it worked marvellously. So much energy - and truth. Had an intersting chatette with himself outside, which left me in a happy place. Still lots to think about and work on together :)

Today has been a bit lazy, but when I chcked my app, I'd walked over 3 miles! I only went to the hairdressers, and then decided to wander around the local shops, which isn't much, but by the time I'd done that and hit M&S for some Thai dinner and walked home, voila! Every little helps, it doesn't all have to be the gym.

We've haus-fraued a tad today, and the boy has been over to do the kitchen and bathroom.

Tomorrow is another day........Brunch at Le Meridien in Piccadilly with Debs, unlimited Prosecco........


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Jan. 23rd, 2017 11:35 am (UTC)

we were sorry not to make it - he was never going to mange travel, dinner, drinks and travel again.

He's getting better every day and slowing back to fully functioning.. mostly its just tiredness that seems to take over like a veil dropping.

We looking forward to next time!

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