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"Let Nothing Ye Dismay"

The trudge to the end of 2016 continues, slowly and painfully. What an abysmal year this truly has been.

I had a free hotel room booked for Saturday, hoping that he n me could do something christmassy or partyfied in town this weekend, but after 3 nights out on the trot, he was hanging, so that got cancelled and we stayed in. Christmas has pretty much bypassed me altogether this year. No staff party, nothing with Rod, and the Ladies' was ruined. Ho ho ho!

So, on Saturday, we collected the chosen cat for Mum's christmas present, paid for him, popped him in the car, and along with a big box full of all the things a cat could ever need, headed off for Kent in very foggy conditions.

She said no straight away and wouldn't even touch him.

I can't begin to say how much this upset me, but never mind. It hasn't been my year. I stayed as long as I could force myself too, and Rod drove us all back, which was kind of him, he was really tired.

So, we now have a big, fat, white cat. He's sorta been named Podge, cuz that's what he is. He has a very very friendly temprament, purrs madly, loves attention, is a pig, and isn't scared of Murphy. Murphy is put out, there has been hissing and yeowling, but no actual fighting, which is good. Being careful to give them equal attention. So grateful Rod has taken to him, I know he really wanted a Bengal.

Sunday, I went and did the big pub lunch with the gang, he stayed home and did lotsa home tidying, and it has made a substantial difference :)

I really hope things change. I can't cope with living in such misery for muuch longer.


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