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So book a cheapski £50 return flight, and a £60 5* hotels, and orf I jolly well go!

So, last weekend was spent in Warsaw. Flight on time, had brekkie in 'Spoons (I begrudge the overpriced ones in airports though!), arrived, walked out of the airport less than 10 mins later and was in Warsaw central an hour after that. Fab.

The Sofitel is on the edge of Old Town and New Town, perfectly located. Upgraded, due to my status, thanks you very much, easy check in with a wonderful man who spoke perfect English and helped me with all my tourist questions. Settled down in the bar with a glass of wine and my map and lots of great reccomendations from the concierge. BTW, he also took me outside and showed me where to walk for everything, such a fab guy.

After a short chillax, I headed off into Old Town, which is extremely pretty, and even more so with the Christmas lights. Absolutely lovely. It was mild, although there were large piles of snow all over the streets, as last week was cold. Took a lot of "lights" photos, until I came to a road block. Serious quantities of Police and Army there, and an ongoing protest. Circumnavigated that, and perchanced on the Christmas market, which was delightful, albeit seriously overpriced. Mooched that, and treated myself to some awesome Polish street food.

A few hours later, back at the hotel to warm up. Was planning to go out again, but at £8 for a meal in a 5* hotel, what's the point!

Had a wonderful nights' sleep on my kingsized, super-comfy bed, and got up pre-dawn to watch the sunrise and have another walk around, as rain was forecast at 10am. Came back at the appointed hour, and had a marvellous time in the stunning swimming pool, and steam room. Really wish in hindsight, that I had booked a massage too. Next time!

Check out (easy and simple) and headed back to the airport. Took advantage of my Priority Pass to use the empty lounge, where I quaffed plenty of wine and ate cheese n chocolates.

Off the plane like a flash, boo picked me up at Broxborne, and literally just over an hour after landing, was eating dins close to home

What a bally marvellous time, and all by myself.


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