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What a Difference a Day Makes!

I have blisters, my ankles feel likely to snap, and my back is killing me. But soooooooo worth it!!!

Baozi – small Chinese place, tucked down a dark alley off Charing Cross Road. Bum shaped wooden stools, no wine, haphazard service. But the food! Aaaaaaah! If you are an afficionado of dumplings, which we are, and if you adore really spicy meaty noodles, with plenty of chilli, it’s heaven! So fresh and delicious.

Next stop, Simon Callow’s opening night of A Christmas Carol at The Arts Theatre. Now, I ve been here before, and I always think that this is the poor persons theatre. Not one of the grandilloquent West End jobbies, all velvet and gild. Just an honest, down-to-earth play house. He was magnifique! Narrating the tale, playing parts as he took us through the story, with just 7 chairs and 2 strings of fairy lights for props, and a very basic backdrop. He knows how to weave a tale, and suck you in to each character. Absolutely loved it, and he got several standing ovations.

On to The London Cocktail Club - STOLI SALTED KARAMEL VODKA, TIA MARIA, ALMOND MILK AND VANILLA SYRUP, GARNISHED WITH A RAFFAELLO PRALINE! Hell yes!!! More than once! Bartenders are fab here, really keep the party going, loved the setting the cocktails/ceiling trick alight and playing havoc with swinging the lights, it’s a very fun place to be. And cheesy dance musik, yayyyyyyyy! We loved our bump and grind, and it put us nicely in the mood for “later” ;)

Finished off with a lovey winter’s walk through London, across the bridge, through Southbank. Stopping en route to ohhh and ahhhh at the lights and decs, take in Amnesty’s refugee exhibition alongside the Thames, some brilliant photos and sad stories here, stopping for a wine-nic on the river, with stolen glasses and a bottle of plonk from Tesco. Loved it. But by this time, my boots, unsuitable for walking, were killing me, and my heavy coat, far too warm for 12 degree balmy London, was suffocating me. Boo was a gent and wore my coat and he also offered to wear by boots in exchange for his trainers, bless him.

Had a lovely room at Mercure London Bridge, which has been refurbished. I love the new doors, and the reception area is very funky in a Hoxton kinda way. I can’t get used to seated staff in polo shirts checking you in, but I think that’s me showing my age! The shower was marvellous, and the bed superbly comfy. So we stayed up too late, munching sweets and drinking wine. Breakfast in Marco’s was great. The biggest star of this show though, was the staff. Every single person said hello and cheerily wished me good morning, which starts your day off so well.



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