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Dec. 8th, 2016

Gosh, well, full marks to Shani for unacceptably cunty behaviour last night.

Kicked off with telling Debs, who has been suffering from depression and is now coming out the other side, that she didn’t have depression, had no idea what depression was, and told her not to talk about it as she had no idea what she was talking about. All rudely and aggressively. She’s met Debs maybe 3 times, and has no idea what’s gone on, and is going on in her life.

Then being blatantly rude and stroppy with waiting staff. Culminating in the venue manager coming over asking if Diva was a Seeing Eye dog, as he'd had a lot of women trying to smuggle small dogs in in their bags. Straight away, she's down his throat saying he can't ask that, I interjected and explained she's an assistance dog and made a joke of her being too good for any bag, and he laughed and thanked me. Shani meanwhile, chuntered on about it, even after he'd walked off.

Outside, a very young and very polite girl asked if she could stroke Diva, and with face twisted with anger, snarled no and turned away. I explained that Diva had her assistance dog coat on and was working (not everybody knows this stuff) as politely as I could, and she smiled at me and shrugged.

Next, she was vicariously telling everybody at the table they were wrong about absolutely any subject that came up.

And for her finale, she was telling us that her mum used to allow her, aged 12, to go clubbing by herself in Soho. And that that was alright, because she’d given her £10 in her shoe to get home! Shock and astonishment all round. I commented generically that allowing pre-teens to go clubbing in London unaccompanied was bad parenting, all agreed, except Shani, who decided that I was slagging off her Mum, and then proceeded to tell me I was a worthless piece of shit, I’d abandoned my daughter, that my parents had brought my daughter up, that my parents were wrong for being stricter because I’d turned out badly, all with hatred, malice and a vicious, contorted face. To a gobsmacked audience. Lots of swearing and finger pointing.

I corrected her on being worthless, I’m actually pretty happy with myself, and her opinion is just that, her opinion. My dort has never been abandoned, her dad and I split up when she was 12, over a period of months, amicably, with me giving him the cash deposit for a new home, and him completely redecorating my new flat for me. And she’s never lived with my Mum, and I’ve no idea where she got that info from. But Shani just carried on and on, she couldn’t stop herself, completely out of control. Then had the cheek to tell me I was judgemental, after having loudly slagged off every aspect of my life, which I pointed out to her, and she didn’t like that. I got up, told her I thought she was appalling, walked off, and did the roulette tables with Debs and Dawnie, and left her to it. I’m amazed I remained so calm and polite!

It saddens me in a way, as I went to see Shani in hospital when she was first ill, and I was the only one who did. I have been the only one to regularly call and visit over the years, and I’m the one who tries to include her in on all the invites out. Nobody else has bothered really, although Donna is more in touch now. Now she’s the new personna non grata. She spoiled the evening with her performance, and she won’t be doing it again. What an absolutely hideous character she’s turned out to be. If that’s what being religious does for you, I’m bloody glad the rest of us aren’t!

The rest of the evening was fractured and subdued thanks to her. But on the plus side, we all went home early, which was a huge bonus for me, we have dinner, tix to Simon Callow’s opening night, plans for drinks with friends, and an hotel booked in London tonight, and I’m feeling fresh!. So every cloud and all that……….

I do sympathise with her, she’s had a very hard time, and is clearly in need of some help. But that doesn’t excuse the piss-poor behaviour. Lot’s of people, including more than 1 at our table, also are, not that they’re allowed to in her presence, she feels she has to play the trump card all the time.

I'm ashamed and embarrassed that I invited her. It's almost as if she was out to deliberately sabotage the night. Unbelievably toxic, not a good word to say about, or to anybody.

Having seen such a nasty side to her, I do now wonder if Vicky’s version of events wasn’t in fact true? Either way, time to draw a line under that friendship for sure!


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Dec. 10th, 2016 08:38 pm (UTC)
sorry it turned out that way and sorry I couldnt ake it, I did intend to but the cabs were eye wateringly expensive would have cost me near 80 quid round trip. I did put the neal money in your paypal.

I can understand a little about Shani, she can be over defensive at tines, I hope she will realise and apologise to you all.
Dec. 11th, 2016 01:34 pm (UTC)
She was graceless and rude to start the evening, and then downright shitty and fucking horrible to end. I have no intention of having that sort of behaviour in my presence ever again. I can't imagine the others will either, not that any of them have ever invited her anywhere before.

Whilst I am more than happy to have a "heated debate" or even fall out with friends, because that's life, this was completely beyond the pale. Disgusting behaviour from a bitter old woman.
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