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Well, the diet is going horrifically badly. Yesterday, a mere 2 plates of lamb pot roast, a slab of cake and some wine. Having said that, boo did THE most delicious slow roast, so it’s not really my fault……..

At this rate, my only hope is dysentry in India. True fact :(

Work has been bally marvellous, we are so full-on! Keeping a low profile socially, as last week was somewhat extravagant, and next week is looking to be a bit of a goer!

Taking iron and cod liver oil pills. Now I know I’m not even vaguely menopausal, something is making me tired, and no idea what. Our bed times have been better, although he had to do another 12-2am phone call last night. I’m still struggling to get to sleep though, poo.

I have the bestest, yet most difficult task to do on Saturday, boo will help. It’s a silly thing in the scheme of things, but I’m very squeeeeeeeeee and excited! I will prolly let the secret out, although I shouldn’t!

He’s finished his counselling block, although I think he really benefits from it and should carry on. It certainly has made him think things through a lot more. I need to make a decision with regards to couples counselling for January. I’m not sure how beneficial it’ll be at this stage. I think I need more time. can certainly see him being more helpful and considerate, so far so good. We are working better together.

Biggest downer this week has been commuting. Bloody atrocious!


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