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Why India?

When we came back from Vietnam, it was cold and horrible, and I thought to myself, who wants to spend an entire winter, swathed in layers, trying to keep warm and dry, bracing against the wind, in a country that’s overpriced, and obsessed with showing the perfect family Christmas, that I never get? Not me, that’s for sure. So, I get a world map up online, trace my finger south, towards the sun and the equator, and travel east. And the first thing I come to, after eschewing UAE etc, is India. A place of so much vibrant colour, fascination, steeped in history and culture. And it’s warm, it’s cheap, and I love the food.

Fast forward to travelling companion. Rod? Nope, not interested. Dawnie? Yes, subject to flight prices. Got that sorted, we booked, and glad to have done so, as economy fares have almost trebled since!

Hotel was easy, staff rates make 5* luxury very affordable. A real boon.

And planning has been simplicity itself, as we both want to do the same types of things – namely shopping, especially the markets, sightseeing, temples, mosques, hanging gardens, colonial buildings, street food, beaches and of course, there’s always the 5* spa and pool to relax in when it all gets too much. Not that it will, we’re doing our own thang, in our own time. Takin’ it easy lemon squeezy.

Crimbo ain’t a great deal of fun for many. I’ve had one in Oz and one in Cambodia, both good. One at home with boo and my dort and her boyf, although boo was flitting between HH and home of course. The other 6, I’ve been on my own, and it’s no fun. I totally do get the whole feeling unwanted and surplus to requirements over Christmas, it’s bloody horrible. I’m not wanted or needed at Christmas, but I’m lucky enough to have a decent enough job to be able to flee!

So flee I shall. And make the most of my lack of my loved ones wanting or needing me to be around, probably by giving money to thousands, whilst simultaneously getting a tan, buying cheap stuff and immersing myself in local history and culture.


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