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Nov. 12th, 2016

Gosh. Where to start.

Foxxx. So it's been a year, and frankly I've felt little but utter despair this week. I mourn her loss in a truly selfish way. And I am unashamed of that. Trump getting elected just fuelled the fire.  Everything not good.

Wednesday had a good ole night out with Dawnie at the Over 35s. Fun night, but "a couple of drinks" turned into the last train home. But you know what. FUCK IT!!! Ain't gonna be doing that shit when I'm 60, so may as well do it when I'm 50. Bloody nice Pho beforehand as well. Yum :)

Friday, Cosmoba with Mark, and some hard talking. And somehow ended up outside a pub in Kings X drinking with very young Scotland fans, whih I found entirely appropriate due to the anniversary of Jean's death. And they were lovely, even though they lost.

Today, I got horribly lost and was 45 minutes late for The Lord Mayor's Parade, although I did see most of it walking around. Dawnie's birthday, and I treated her to a slap up lunch at Hawksmoor, avec le champagne. And you know what, she was worth every penny. Nobody bothered with her really, friends or family. So it was just us two and Boyd, and we had a very fun time. Lunch finished at about 8pm, in a bar over the road. I've been drinking gin, which isn't my thing at all! But really really enjoyed myself in warm, intelligent company.

Have decided to bow out of tomorrow. It's about choosing me, and my peace of mind. Rod has chosen people who very, very rarely choose him. Mostly can't be bothered with him at all unless he's paying. I've chosen my own peace of mind. And I'm feeling pretty good about that.

We've booked a weekend away in Brizzle in January, must rmember to ping Mel & Si and see if they want to hook up.

This weekend's decisions have been good for my soul :)


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Nov. 15th, 2016 09:24 pm (UTC)
You should say 'fuck it' more often.

Enjoy life now.

M x.
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