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Oct. 30th, 2016

Friday I went up to Camden and had a mooch after work. Can't believe how long it is since I've been up that way, my god! Plenty to catch the eye, so had a happy hour or so. Thinking about organsing a gang day out there, although really short on weekend time betwixt now n crimbo.

Met up with Rod and headed off the London Irish Centre for Trick or Tease, which for £15pp was very good! Splayed out on a leather Chesterfield and enjoyed the show, the acts were very good quality, I was impressed. A slight parting of the ways (my fault I'll admit) and then we ended up in a local pub singing our heads off somewhat drunkenly to Karaoke, and dancing with kids half our age. was great fun!

Saturday, breakfast out, which was virtually lunch as we had a lie-in til gone 11, by accident. Over to Harlow, very briefly, and then got ready for Halloween at Sandie's. Really nice to spend a cosy evening snuggled up under the stars with good friends.

Was gonna do a bike ride n vintage this morning, but have eschewed it due to it being cold and damp. He's gone off on a 100k ride, I'm doing housey stuff, slowly, it has to be said. But pottering is good :)

Rod has already started counselling, which he decided upon himself. We'll hopfully do some couples counselling after that, and in the meantime, just trying to be better to each other. No getting away from the fact that we love each other pretty madly, but things couldn't continue as they were. So were are hoping to find a better way together. Friends seem divided. Those who know him well and see us together a lot, are all in favour and are very empathetic and enouraging. Those who hardly know him and rarely ever see us are not. Either way, we are decided on our current course. I'm very proud he's taken this step, I didn't think he would. So you can be happy for us, or not, won't make an iota of difference. And It'll either work or it won't. But we are trying.


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