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Odd week.

Rod stayed in bed with me whilst Retts was here. No funny stuff. All cool. Yesterday he rescued me from a flat car and phone battery, and cooked us a lovely dinner, even though by that time it was very late. And showed me the hard on he had because I was wearing a certain outfit. And sent me a pic via Whattsapp of his stiffy and said he was going for a wank after talking about my shoes.

Today, he's left the house in undue haste, in a disgusting state, and has sent a text saying he won't be back tonight.

Very mixed signals. From a very mixed up person I believe.

Margo is quite right, leopards don't change their spots. No point in being upset, that's what he always was, and will be like I guess. I had a very interesting and meaningful long afternoon with her, which I thoroughly enjoyed. She and Sandie think Rod and I will get back together. I say no chance whilst he's still a player, a liar and this house is a shithole. Plus ca change.

I was going to get riotuously drunk. Instead I ordered a yummy Chinese take out, had a bath, got my outfit for Monday ready, and photographed some Ebay stuff. Admittedly I do have some wine, but I don't plan on having a late night. The parents and Kate tomorrow. I'm not afraid of my age, he's afraid of his. I don't need somebody else to prop up a fragile ego, he always has and still does. And I've no need to run about like a twat, he can't stop himself. All in all, still unhappy, but would much much rather be me than him :)


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