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Super, super haggard now. I can't remember the last time I slept through a whole night. Quite some time. It takes me an hour or two to get to sleep, and I wake up, for no reason, at least once or twice a night. I ache all over and look seriously awful. I was thinking of treating myself to a facial or a massage, but honestly, what's the point when I look like this? I am still eating and smoking too much as well, hey ho.

Going to see Mum on Sunday, and hoping to see an improvement.

We currently have Retts staying with us for a few days, which adds to the stress, although it is lovely to see her, and she's such a great gal. I suppose it stops me pacing the lounge stressing late at night, so that's good. I thought it may have prompted Rod to move more stuff, but no, more bags of shit all over the place. They're out for dinner tonight, at Janice's, so naturally I'm not invited, just the mug who puts a roof over their heads.

The only thing keeping me sane at the moment is hoping for the day when bags and bags and bags and piles and cupboards and everything isn't piled ceiling high with shit. It's distressing to me, and adds to the overall stress. I don't want people to see the squalour I've been forced to live in because of him.

What a laugh this morning. No work phones for 2 days, then no PC for 2 hours. Added to twat face asking me not to be grumpy, hahahahaha! You repeatedly fuck somebody over for years on end and would like them not to be grumpy. What a cunt.

Still no apology.


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