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A Game of Several Halves

I start the week being told by a male dom that we can't go out, even as friends, because his sub might get upset. His sub, a good friend, isn't remotely bothered. But still incredibly pissed off that he would think I would do something behind her back. I don't give a flying that he thinks I may fancy him, just the thought that I might even possibly be the underhand type.

And halfway through the week, go to a fabulous gallery opening and have wine n nibbles beforehand, with a gent who has a sub g/f, and a darn sight more maturity. Have a great time, lots of chatter, manage to go home without shagging anybody or upsetting a g/f. So it is perfectly possible. Oh and I had my Bitch Kitsch blonde skulls on, press took loadsa photos, LMAO!

Ditch the 2 guys I was supposedly meeting this week. Not interested if all they can babble on about is play. I am not a one-dimensional service model. Piss off.

And to end the week on a low note, another male dom, whom I've persistently knocked back, keeps asking me out "not on a date, just to get to know you" blah blah blah. And who can't take no for an answer, offers to take me to the zoo. Point out that I've campaigned against zoos for years, and block him. Apparently going out with him is better than watching Corrie or Eastenders. As I don't waste my time with either, and never have, I already have better. Utter KNOB.

Javier bubbling along nicely in the background. He's very handsome in a gypsy way, and he's back in the UK next weekend. I will meet him, but he's a Catholic Spanish Australian, and won't understand. Which makes me sad, but them's the breaks. He seems lovely.

And Rod, who veers wildly from being nice and thoughtful to being a super-irritating dickhead. Who still hasn't managed even the simplest of apologies.

I am still terrified at the thought of going out on a date. I don't even like London so much any more. I feel like I'm in the wrong place and something bad will happen. And still incredibly tearful and/or angry.


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