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Sep. 25th, 2016

Ups n downs.

The major downside to Palma was the torrential rain, Friday and Saturday afternoon and evening. It was like an Asian monsoon, and I've seen a few of those. You literally got soaked to the skin in minutes.

The other was poor Dawnie with her broken foot. She should have taken up Lin's multiple offers of a wheelchair or a buggy, which would've meant we all could've done more. But the poor thing is so slow, it takes her 15-30 mins to do a 5 min walk, and is quite clearly leaving her tired and in pain. So we ended up not doing a lot unfortunately. My back ended up hurting because I can't walk that slow without stressing it. Palma, with it's steps, hills and cobbles is not the best place for somebody who can't do steps, hills and cobbles, especially in the pissing rain! I really hope she gets good news from her bone scan - and that she listens up to advice.

On the plus side, the house was adorable and a 1 minute walk from the beach. It lived up to expectations. And we had plenty of good food and drink, although shame about the poxy exchange rate. And the sun, when it did make an appearance, namely Thursday eve, Friday til lunch and all day Sunday, was scorchio, so I do have a wee tan.


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