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Sep. 4th, 2016

Had a great weekend. Friday night at Burlock, a new cocktail bar in Mayfair with Dawnie, Faith and Nikki. Free drinks, and we made the most of it by having one of us at the bar at all times. Had a dance, played air violin, and gossiped. Followed up with tapas n wine in Christopher Place. Lord knows how I got home, but I did! Unsurprisingly, Saturday was a quiet one. Today, out for the Sunday Roast Munch, which was another good one, and carried on for several hours. Good company.

So, joined OK Cupid. I've had a LOT of attention, almost all of it good. I've already blocked or hidden the ones I don't like the look/sound of. I'm amazed at how many younger (and attractive!) men are contacting me. And I haven't just put up the most flattering face pics either! And I've had an interesting chat or two. However, I still feel that when I met Rod, I mated for life. He's still unfeeling and uncaring as far as I'm concerned, and he's still collecting crap, but that's the way I feel.

Looking forward to going to France with Debs next weekend. I don't know where life is leading me. I'm just taking opportunities and trying my best to live it as fully and as happily as I can.


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