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After much changing of plans (none due to me!) I decide to make the most of my pre-paid tix and head down the south coast for the day. Breakfast courtesy of Pret and St Pancras, I climbed on board the train, avec said breakfast and newspaper, with my little backpack, and off I went. I had set my alarm for even earlier than I do for work, and reached the station, only to find I'd left my phone at home, and had to bike back again.

An easy 1.40 journey later, I find myself in Brighton, with nothing pen, too early! So, backpack on, I yomped against the wind, along the front, for an hour or so, and came back again, happier. Found a coffee shop, indulged myself in an overpriced latte and Brownie, and then set about the serious business of shopping. I love The Lanes, so much to see and so much temptationm, especially in home thingies and jewellery. I am still thinking about a quartz and silver ring. But I don't need it, I just want it.

Met up with Greg and Ian at 3pm at The Coal Shed. Cannot praise this place highly enough. You buy meat by the kilo, and we all went for a beef roasty. I was in foodie heaven, it was delicious. The service was spot on, jokey and friendly, but attentive. Wine reasonably priced, unless you're a Spoons fan ;)

Next stop, Lemon Twist for some house mojitos, which were lovely, but extra points for the lemony smell throughout. A tiny alleyway on a side street leads to this unexpectedly lovely find. Well woth it.

And then on to a beachfront bar, where we each had a Dark n Stormy. Plastic glasses, but a lot of alcohol!

And then on to Bar 32 in town. It was innocuous to start off with, a different cocktail each. And then another round, by which point, a younger couple had sat on the next table. We engaged, and it transpired she was on a 1st date with him, he having blow dried her hair whilst she was being a mystery shopper! Him a local, her from Wimbledon. She sought our advice, he called hsi mate, and a muscled Ed Sheeran lokee-likee turned up. About 3 rounds of cocktails later, she straigh away guessed I was a dominatrix (ok, she did say burlesque performer first) "Ed" confessed to liking a finger up his bum, and we had an absolutely brilliant time with these strangers. Ed and the girl professed love for me, the boyf wanabee didn't, LMAO!

And then I managed to miss 2 more trains cuz we went to the pub!

Rode home after having caught the last train, in pitch black, having had a fab day.

I know I have many more hard days, and harder nights to come. But today, I saw the sea, and the sun, and they saw me back.


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