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Aug. 27th, 2016

Today has been a calm one. Watered the garden, did some washing, did some PR for somebody, stuck 5 more things on Ebay, played with Murphy, napped, tidied a bit and attempted to vacuum some of the cobwebs. I hate doing that, it makes me feel sad for the poor spiders. Scrabbled of course. And avoided poeple. I have spoken to 3 humans today, the man in the post office, the check out lady in Tesco, and Rod twice, about a bike somebody wants to buy. He used that really fake voice he usually reserves for Janice, which grated on me no end. Oh hellooo, howww are youuuuu. Yuk. Anyway, didn't get his arse in gear and bike wasn't sold.

Went for a wee bike ride, just locally, on the roads, and realised how much I enjoy doing that. I'm not the best, and absolutely not the fastest, but it brought pleasure to me, with the sun on my face and legs.

Tonight, for the 3rd time, I rescued the world's most suicidal frog from the clutches of Murphy. Same last night when Susie was here. Popped him in the tealight holder and put him back in the brook. I've no idea why he keeps reappearing in the same spot, there's no water there, and he is persistently getting caught by the cat.

Plan A is getting up very early and going to Brighton on the train. Plan B is not.


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