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Sooooo humid, struggling to sleep! I didn’t hit the sack until 12.30 last night, and just laid on top of the duvet, just a t-shirt on, and merrily boiled. Today’s forecast rain has failed to materialise, more garden watering this evening.

Tomorrow I’ve a friend coming over to try on some clothes and hats. Her ex has just passed, she wants something for the funeral. I think I’ll do some diner and try to lift her spirits, I know how upset she is. Made me pause for thought somewhat.

I went down to see broken-footed Dawnie after work on Tuesday. My god, it was scorchio and an hour and a half on the bus! However, lovely to see her, and meet at least one of her cats. I seem to be doing huge amounts of travel to see friends the last few months. Hardly anyone visits me, apart from lovely Debs of course. I do invite people, but most seem content to gently atrophy, whereas I’m still very much a do-er. So many interesting things about!

Saturday I’m domming. Sunday I’m off to Brighton with Greg n Ian. Really hoping for some good weather, but it doesn’t look like it. However, we’ll have fun doing The lanes, and possibly a dwinkie or three.

I really do need to gym more, but can’t face it in these conditions. Palma coming up in 4 weeks, I need to get a wiggle on!


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