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Two Months On

It's been now two months since I decided Rod and I should no longer live together. It has been a very diffucult 2 months for me, emotionally, and in other ways. But I've managed. He still hasn't fully moved out, but him paying half the rent is a bonus, so I'm certainly not complaining, he's hardly ever here anyway.

Last night we went to se Blanc de Blanc at the Hippodrome. He wasn't my first choice, but basically nobody else was up for it, and it seemed criminal to waste £95 booth seats. I'm so glad he offered, the show was fabulous, absolutely the best cabaret I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot! Visually spectacular, comedic, sexy and fantastic outfits. Washed down with a cople of bottles of pink and a potent cocktail. It was an 11pm show, we didn't get back to the hotel until 2.30, and we managed to sleep in the same bed, with no issues (and no sex), but with a little cuddle in the morning. I am crying now, even thinking about it, I've had no skin on skin contact with another human being for 2 months. Through choice. But that was lovely. And we went our separate ways after breakfast.

After some soul-searching, I've decided Murphy should be re-homed. He needs a companion, and I don't want and can't afford another cat. He cries a lot for Madge, still. I will find him a nice home with another cat, a cat flap and a lovely new human to see to his needs. I feel terrible about it, but it's best for him. I'm in no rush though.

What an awful couple of months. Plus Donna still ill, Dawnie with her broken foot, people's parents being very ill and hospitalised, all sorts. I have much to be thankful for really, but life isn't easy for me, and I suspect this will continue for months to come. My head is constantly whizzing with thoughts and ideas. I shall Ebay some more clothing to pay for all these trips I've booked. That should keep me occupied.


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Aug. 21st, 2016 03:22 pm (UTC)
:( Hugs

M x.
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