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The Sting In The Tale

Friday evening I was jolly good and went to the gym! Quite impressed with my exercise efforts last week, shame about the lack of diet though!

Saturday, went and got 6 inches of my tresses lopped off, and was pleased with the result. And in the vening Den and Erica picked me up and whizzed me over to Sandie's for a BBQ, followed by the Sunflower Cinema Club. Loved dressing up as a flapper, thought I looked ok, sipping cocktails and champagne from vintage tea cups. We had a thoroughly good time, and I diidn't get home til 1.30.

Sunday, down to Kent, visited the parents, pleased to see Mum walking on the prosthetic leg. Sat in the garden with them for a couple of hours, it was such a lovely, sunny morning :)

Dad gave me a lift down to the Prom, there was a vintage festival on, free bands and comedy, it was very twee, loved it. And then met Mickey and Theresa at Kate's new restaurant, and had a cracking lunch, with lots of vino and Chris Till singing. It was great! More vino when Jackie turned up, we all sat outside on the river, it was so nice to spend time with them all. Such a laugh. Great to see Kate's Mum and husband too.

The sting in the tale, is in spite of having a great weekend, filled with friends, good food and fun, I am wretched. I am so unhappy. But I'll soldier on. That's what needs to be done.


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