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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Good ~ Went out with Debbie and Kayleigh last night, due to it being K's birthday today. Raaaather niiiice Espresso Martinis to kick us off. debs vanished into the casino and lost £70. I lost £50 by buying the birthday gerl a bottle of champagne! And then we went to watch Ab Fab from the VIP seats. It was a fun movie, not a belly-buster, but fun. Was pretty amazed at how many top flight slebs they managed to pack in though! And then back to the casino's cocktail bar for pina coladas, and yes, with cherries and pineapple! Debs hit the roulette table again, and we ended up having to drag her away after a £180 win on 0, and a mad dash to the station ensued. All in all, a fun night, and I'm really pleased I was invited :)

Bad ~ on my FB memories today, an old photo, from about 8 years ago I think, of me, foxxx and Shani in our back garden came up. Foxxx is dead, Shani is in a wheelchair, the willow tree in the background has died and of course my relationship is in shreds. Only one of those could've been prevented. And of course the cunt who could've prevented it will play the get out of jail free card, as he always does.

Ugly ~ The other FB memory that came up was Rod, this time last year, contacting people for sex whilst he was away for work in Irvine. In fact, I don't think he ever stopped contacting people for sex. Oddly, last night, he admitted he's already been in contact with his skanks, which I predicted 2 weeks ago. He said he's not going to meet her, but that I wouldn't believe him anyway. Too fucking right! You lie and you lie and you lie, and nobody will ever believe you. Them's the breaks arsehole. Best of all, I don't care. he can fuck what he likes. I am still really upset at the death of what I thought was forever, but zero desire to be involved with him. None at all. He killed it all. Oh, and each time, he blamed me. I'm afraid not love, there's only one jack bastard, and it's you.


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