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Other than a couple of gym dates with Marie, I've had a deliberately quiet week, simply because I felt like it. Didn't exactly kill myself at gym either, but having chosen the 3 hottest days of the year so far, to actually get my arse in gear, I'm excusing myself!

And it's been nice, not to be rushing hither and thither. I've suited myself. It's all good :)

Last night I did a caning session with a lovely chap I've seen before. He'd travelled a long way to see me, and so I invited him to stay afterwards, and we sat in the garden, drinking and chatting away, until it got dark. I'm really hoping he managed to get home, I've just pinged him.

I may go out for a late lunch with Debs today. We have a dinner n movie date tomorrow anyway.

I really should do some exercise, do the damn weeding (oh how the blighters have LOVED the sunshine!) and get on with Ebaying a bag of stuff I sorted out a week ago now. I was also pondering a bike ride down to The Cross to treat myself, but a) I feel exceeding lazy and b) I've already brought 3 dresses this week, so can't really qualify any more shopping. But......I also want to go that way to see if Lidl has any lavender left. Hmmmmmm. At the moment, my comfy bed is singing to me, that bloody cat has had me up very early every day.


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