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The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

Friday, Lin was up from Wales, so ten of us sat outside Cosmoba, 8 gerls, and two of her gay-and-fabulous-with-it ex work colleagues. It was never going to be an early night, but it turnd into a very late one, with her, me, dawnie and Mark, bringing up the last-orders rear! So glad peeps made the effort, she was so pleased, and we had a grand ole time.

Saturday was The Chap Olympiad. o off to London with a picnic hamper and smuggled wine. I got in with my booty, so thrilled, yee haaa! Myself, Margs, Sandie and Pete and her sister-in-law, who was lovely, plus Pip and her backing singer Olivia. We had such a sociable and fun table, and close to the stage, so we had a great view of the shennanigans. My moment of sadness was during tiffin, the live band came on and people danced. I was dressed up, had the dancing lessons, but no boo to dance with. The whole event wasn't the same without him at all, but we ate, drank and made very merry anyway! Got home at 9pm with a very full tummy and a smile on my face, after 7 hours of Pimms and wine ;)

Sunday was the local munch Sunday Roastie. That kicked off in glorious sunshine outside the pub, with wine of course. Followed by a VERY large starter and an even larger three meat roast. Followed by more sitting outside and drinking. By 3.30, I was done in. The whole weekend had been taken up with eating rich food and drinking an awful lot. So I gave in and came home with Debs. Nobody was invited back, I was just tooooo tired, tooo full, too hot and simply too toooooo at that stage.

So Debbie and I sat in the garden for an hour, with a COFFEE. We NEVER do that. And then I had to go to bed.

So, it was the coffee that broke the camel's back ;)


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