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And so I came back last night, to find himself at the PC, and all he’s managed to do all day is list a handful of things on Ebay. The lounge has his stuff strewn all around, washing up still in the sink, and no packing or removing done at all. Happy I was not.

It transpires that he intends to move all of his many many mountains of stuff back in to his wife’s house. She’s dying of cancer. How very thoughtful of him. Just what she needs. He asked me why I care, and indeed, why should I, he clearly doesn’t. Just more self self self from him, and that’s not bad, it reminds me I am doing the right thing. So, so much for his “I should be able to live my life how I like”. That didn’t turn out too well. Although he’ll wait for her to die and get the house somehow I guess.

he'll be in touch with his skanks by now :)

I went to see the rents on Sunday, all’s good with Mum, she’s got her prosthetic leg now, and is getting on pretty well, I’m really pleased. They asked about Rod, I told them about the cock shot and swinging site listing whilst we were on holiday. Mum asked me could I not forgive him that, and I said no, he’s done that about 10 times now, plus the affairs, the skanky shags etc etc, and I couldn’t look her in the eye. Pretty grim, and it upset me. A lot.

Afterwards, had dins with Debbie and Kayleigh, which was good fun!

Saturday I grafted, as I also did on Friday after work. And I did Ebay listings on Saturday night. One of us does the donkey work, the other suits his self most of the time. But not for much longer.

I’m tired, I am smoking and drinking to much and not getting enough sleep. And I’m stressed. I know I’ve only been back from Kassiopi for 3 weeks, but I feel like I need a holiday. One that isn’t ruined by Rod. I really, really resent the fact that he’s been such a cunt on holiday several times now. Especially as I don’t have anywhere near as much money as him, and yet I’ve paid for them.

I expect I’ll calm down soon.

Still crying quite a lot unfortunately.

Lovely weekend coming up though, I have to hold on to things like that, it’s important.

Oooooh, I had a SUPER treat on Thursday!Donne took me to ENO to see Madam Butterfly. We had a box! And she also treated me to dinner beforehand, in Cotes. I tried to pay, but she said no, I’d treated her many times in the past when she had no dosh. I have to say, absolutely fantastic show, and it’s also bloody nice to be appreciated.

I have spent lots of time chatting to friend in real life and on the phone this week. Your support is noted – and very much appreciated. Hard times ahead.


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Jul. 12th, 2016 06:23 pm (UTC)
<3 stay strong xx
Jul. 13th, 2016 09:29 pm (UTC)
You're allowed to cry, that stuff with Rod is hard going and he's so selfish. I don't know him obviously, but whenever you've talked about him, he seems like a complete narcissist. I just hope it's done with as soon as possible for you.
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