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My Mum said tonight that she thought I'd be married and settled by now. I'm 50, and to be honest, so did I.

To give him his dues, Rod made many proposals. Unfortunately he forgot to divorce his wife first. Mainly for financial reasons, he realised he'd made a mistake handing the house over to her. She hasn't left it to him in her will, although he will probably collect on the pension, as we discussed, so no harm has really come to him. He's always been extremely fixated with cash. It has probably stopped him from enjoying a lot of things, including a full relationship, but that's his cross to bear. I've relieved myself of it, and him. The proposals were nice though. Janice was always referred to as the ex wife, and me The Missus in public.

The home we should have brought together, after 10 years, never transpired. See above.

No new life overseas, no adventure in Oz. It was all talk, no action.

Pretty much left with nothing but a lot of photos and a very messy house after 10 years.

Yup, disappointed. To say the very least.

But still feeling I've made the right decision. A man who lives a single life whilst in a relationship, should be left to live a single life outside of that relationship. His wife is  a weak willed, ineffectual person, who never had the strength to stop him. I'm having no more of that crap.

Disappointment can be overcome.


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Jun. 25th, 2016 04:35 am (UTC)
Adventures in Oz will be continued. perhaps next time I'll get you for more then a day or two!
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