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I kinda thought I enjoyed myself, but it was spoiled at the end, so perhaps my view is a tad tainted.

Woke up at the ungodly hour of 4am, having had an early night chez Pete n Mandy. Taxis at 5am, to Luton airport, which is positively the worst excuse for an airport ever. Astounding queues, think an hour or so to get a sandwich or a drink, and that's after half an hour at the check-in desks, plus extra for security etc. It really is an abysmal and godforsaken place. The saving grace was Pete knowing there's another bar at Gate 10. Where we did manage to find an actual seat each, sit down and have some food and drink. Phew!

Easyjet was fine, no better or worse than Ryanair, and being on time was a plus.

Hassle-free car pick up at the airport, and another 60 minutes drive to Kassiopi, via a cheap Greek supermarket for wine, beer and snacks, which meant a 4pm arrival, thus a total of 12 gruelling hours travelling. Too much for Europe IMHO.

Really disappointed at the apartment. Much smaller than last year, with a pokey, horrible little balcony, which had fold up chairs I was only able to sit on for about 20 minutes. And I know I wasn't the only disappointed one. We got charged more than 10% extra for a downgrade.

However, bar and food prices at Dimas remained the same as last year - apart from the fact idiotic Brexiteers have managed to drop the exchange rate by in excess of 15%. So everything is 15% more expensive, and it really is all adding up.

The first night we (minus Rod) went to Uncle Simos, a pretty little harbour front restaurant. The food was fantastic, as was the company. The service however was dire, we kept having to ask for things, usually about three times! The cheese saganaki was excellent, and the Lamb Pirates fell off the bone, delicious!

Day 2 was a lovely lazy one by the pool. Nothing more strenuous than swimming a few lengths. Books, Kindles, chats, coffees. Absolutely lovely. Dinner at Castello, we went for the fish meze, superb value at 19 Euros for 15 courses. Fabulous food and spot-on service. Top marks. And then we went to the karaoke place, and met up with Sarah n tribe. Oh my, LMAO!! Rod and I sung a duet - "I got You Babe", but the accolade must go to Toni and Paige because they have such great voices. A lot of drunkeness, Rod ended up with a glass shard in his foot, Sandie ended up trying to suck it out, we all got delightfully pissed and had a bloody good time! Naughtiness ensued ;)

Saturday we headed out to shop, as in les girls. Treated ourselves to quite a few bits n bobs, I am very taken with my gorgeous purple flowing thingy, and my Grecian jewellery, which I wore out to Mandy's birthday dinner that night. Margs went bag-crazy and Dawnie also splashed out. Dinner was at Kema, a restaurant on the other side of the harbour bay, all the grown ups went. Food once again very good, although my turkey with roquefort and pear was dried out. Her birthday cakey, organised by Tony, was yummy, and she "donated" the leftovers to the owner's kids, who were delighted. A really nice evening :)

Sunday himself and I headed out for Sidari. It's a touristy place, but fun to have a look-see. Found Memories, a lovely beachfront place, really gorgeously decorated, with a three course Sunday lunch for 7 Euros. And amazingly, it was all bloody good. Great Yorkshires, proper gravy, rosemary roasties, and lots of very succulent meat. Top marks to him for the find. We wandered the beachfront, the town and out to Canal D'Amour, a local natural attraction. He did lots of cave exploring and climbing and bush stuff. Really enjoyed ourselves. We stayed in on Sunday night, too full up! If I go back to Corfu, I might do a couple of days in Sidari for the cheap food, entertainment and laffs :)

Monday we went to the nudist beach. Just us, 3 other couples and a blokie. We had a wee picnic and some wine n beer. He swam lots, I only went in when the sea calmed down. And we read and chatted. It was pretty lovely really. I will miss nudism when he's gone. It's so freeing. Back to Castello for dins, this time for the meat meze, which again was spot on. Really well prepared food, none wasted. And karaoke in the evening again, having caught up with Saz n family. But this time the belligerence had taken it's toll, so a pall was cast over the evening, and that was that. Up to the Dimas bar for a raucous finish, with rock songs n booze.

Top tip for enjoying Corfu. Don't drink the red, it's vile. However, the rose is fine! Not gourmet, but drinkable!

Will I go back? I dunno. There are things I'd still like to do - island visits, my open scuba qualification, quad biking, and more. But most of those I can do in a lot of places. I do get the feeling it's samey. Same people, same time, same places, same old, and that feels like an "elderly" holiday to me. But I might. But I also might favour a trip to the Amalfi coastline. It'll beat Corfu hands down on scenery, seaside, culture, food, wine and probably everything except karaoke.

Moving on with my brave new world, I am keeping an open mind. But I have a few months of tears and tribulations to get through first.

We shall see what 2017 brings me.


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