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Bally Good Weekend!

Saturday, post, nails,toes and hair, headed into Lounnun for the Cocktail Club. As there were quite a few frinds there, had a good laff. But wasn't wearing my drinking boots for whatever reason, and came home after 3-4 hours, and promptly ordered a Chinese delivery. So all in all, a good day.

Sunday, thought I'd go and see Natasha and her Bengal-monstas post-lunch. No such luck as the judges and everybody else were buggering off early. So instead, spend a very splendid afternoon sat with 11 friends, in the blazing sunshine, outside the Greek Taverna in Ware. It truly was exceptionally convival, enjoyed that 100%. Pete and Mandy came back for a drinkie and carted me homw, TYVM, and Rod joined us in the garden when he retuned from Exeter. And we stayed there for a few more hours after the others had left.

A nicely chillaxed weekend, for which I am grateful.

This week is the opposite. Pedal to the metal for work. And my romantic night was lost, Janice is very ill again, and so I ushered himself out of the door. I can manage. Plus Kassiopi is very very soon, and I am hoping for great things.

And so I soldier on. Mostly by myself, but sometims that's the best way isn't it.

So grateful for a couple of days of sun, it makes such a difference to me. I remarked to a friend the other day, the older I get, the more I crave the sunshine. It's so beneficial.

Onwards :)


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