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Such is Life

Garden starting to bloom, and if I ignore the bindweed isuue (grrrrr!) looking quite good, Lots of stuff yet to flower, I reckon it'll be grand in a month or so.

Work, lots of ducking n diving, that's good for me. We are top of the tree at the moment!

It's the anniversary of my lovely friend Kim's death, six years ago. She and I first met when she was dating and then married my ex's best mate, and I went on to live with her brother for 12 years and have Lucy with him. Kim was her Godmother. Cancer. Cancer's a bitch, it took Foxxx too, so today hasn't been too pleasant. Especially as I was trying to find something related to Kim and stumbled upon something else that gave me a nasty poke with a very sharp stick.

My darling gerl Kate has a job, and a good one too. Can't wait to celebrate with her :)

And my other darling gerl Nix, has been contacted by her birth mother, not for the first time. And she's debating if'n or not to follow through. Her call, and it's a toughie. I wish my birth mother would contact me, because I've never known anything all my life. I don't really have the balls to carry through contacting her, and I still feel it would be so incredibly disrespectful to my parents, despite the fact we've discussed it (some time ago) and they gave their blessing. I feel so lucky to have the parents I have. I am the chosen one. But it never stops you from wondering. I shall probably die never knowing.

And such is life. And death.


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