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The weekend started rather early, with a long lunch in Friday, at Marco Pierre White's New York Italian. And a couple of bottles of rose with Greg and Bruno :)

Friday evening, boo got home from Poland, and promply went racing, I promptly had a 2 hour nap.

Today has been a flurry of Ebay - we've sold about 20 things this week, ker-ching, and more to go. I woke up upside down, on top of the bed cover, with Madge, I'm not quite sure how that happened. Several coffees later, we offed to Hertford, and did bally well at the vintage fair. He brought me some ace Raybans, and I brought myself a pink jacket, and 2 fully boned corsets, one black with cherries, t'other black with leopardskin and buckles. And I found a new with tags £60 Lovelable dress in a charity shop for £4.50, and some glass beads for £1.50, so pretty chuffed with my haul.

Himself went off to see Janice and the girls this afternoon, I did all 3 lawns, and the weeding. There's still some bloody bindweed out there, I'll get it one way or another. My back is singing, but hey, op in under a month :)

Eschewed clubbing for an opportunity to catch up with a friend or two, and TBH, as G & F were absent due to a wedding, didn't much fancy it anyway. Sleaze City is riding again anyway ;)

Tomorrow, he's planning to get up ealry and do a 10k run. I'm doing neither. I've won a couple of tix to the cycling show, which I've given to him, and I'll happily meander Brick Lane nearby. Hawksmoor booked for a late Sunday Roast, and he's paying as I've made him so much money.

Slave picked up the rubbish without even being asked, Mum is coming along terrifically well, and Kassiopi less than a month away now.


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