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Et Voila!

The ability to pull oneslf up by one's own bootlaces.

Friday I went west to see Sarah Millican in Hammersmith, with lovely Kate, who lost her Dad very recently. And frankly, it shows. A glam, outrageously larger-than-life woman, bowed by grief. We had a great Thai meal in a local place nearby, and then took our rather good free seats, by Richard E Grant no less. And Ms Millicam was hilarious, although I have something to say about that, which I'll leave til the end of this journal.*

Saturday, mahoosive row with the boo, ended up him doing all the housework under instruction, and me loading his stuff on Ebay. Worked a dream. We'll be doing that again. It was a shock, that kinda turned into a nice surprise :)

Sunday, Local Munch roastie, with a lot of my faves! Great food, it was lovely out, and ended up chewing the fat in the back garden with Joe. Lovely :)

Monday, went to meet Donna and Shani, which I was really looking forward to - had a good time, left promptly as I had the car at the station, and also the Bengals to think of, and it took me more than 3 sodding hours to get home. I am seriously going to have to rethink doing that journey again, as something happens almost every bloody time. It spoils everyhthing. However, tranpsort crises notwithstanding, I did have a lovely time with my ladies.

And today, work has been very full-on, I'm creamy-crackered, and yet I feel strong and empowered! Who'da thunk it?


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