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Not So Good


I am sat at home doing bugger-all for the second consective Saturday. I've apparently sprained one side of my right ankle and done some ligament damage to the left side. I'm in constant pain, some it excruciating, and can barely walk. There's no quick fix, I just have to bide my time. I've had 2 days off work, because the sheer effort of going to and from has been unbearable. It's been taking me 9 minutes to get to the station, usually a 3 minute stroll, and by the time I get there, I'm a mess. And breathless with the effort. Not good.

Mum got ambulanced to hospital last Sunday, and had multiple seizures in the ambulance, leaving her cut and bruised. They induced a come for 24 hours, did all the tests, including scans, and found absolutely nothing. The conculsion is, it's some sort of post-traumatic stress epsisode. She's improved, and we're hoping she's allowed home next week. She's had a shit time of it, with 2 amputations and getting MRSA twice. Not surprised medical friends are referring to that hospital as Death Valley.

The Great House Tidy is going very slowly. But at least it's going!

Work good.

Oh, and I've booked to go to Bombay for Christmas. Rod didn't want to come, so going with Dawnie.

Praying for some decent weather as my bro is running the London Marathon tomorrow. I could do with some sunshine myself. When you can't move much, everything suddenly becomes freezing. I've got the bloody central heating on as I type. Bah humbug.


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