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Horse Piddle

Finally, new back op scheduled for 7th June, huzzah! Bizarrely, had a very minor trip outside work yesterday, and jarred the other side of my back, which was painful last night and again today.

Mum is home for the best part of 4 months in hospital, minus a leg. 9 month wait on the Stannah stair lift, so Dad paid to have one installed. Ramps and adaptations this week, care of the council. She has one wheelchair for going out, one for upstairs, courtesy of social services. Physio going well, pills going well, she just needs to conquer the depression. Visiting on Saturday. I am impressed with the care she received and the support she's getting as a disabled person, and Dad is still chuffed about the carer's allowance and money Mum gets.

We only saw one person in a wheelchair in Vietnam, they are huge things, which you operate by pulling a central steering wheel backwards and forwards, if you can that is. But that's no real loss, as the pavements are 6-12 inches high, with very few kerb drops, are in a state of major disrepair, and of course are always crowded with scooters. There's basically no carer or disability allowance (there is a meagre sick pay scheme, but that's going bust and the government have already told people to save up!). Everybody dies waiting for disability benefits, cuz there are none. Literacy is poor among the disabled. Only 2 bus lines in the whole country are adapted to carry disabled passengers, and they are both in Saigon, you're fucked if you live anywhere else, which most people do. No cars, trains etc are adapted, even though the govt has said they should be. In rural areas, there's no access to heathcare at all. Any yet Vietnam isn't a third world backwater, it's a booming economy, and has been for some time.

For all of it's problems I feel blessed that we live in the UK.


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