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Apr. 5th, 2016

Hard times. Hoping they will pass.

Himself under a great deal of stress as his wife worsens. It’s very sad. However, I have to desist asking after her, as he’s now descending into a shouty, sweary rages, and it’s really unpleasant, to say the least. Best just to avoid the subject I guess. I do feel awful for her, it’s terrible, and I am concerned, but when the care is treated with nastiness and spite, I’m getting the f*** outta dodge.

The holiday was a huge disappointment. Firstly, for reasons unknown, I was getting repeated blisters on the outside of my right toe, and underneath, between the pad of the big toe and the ball of my foot. And on the inside of both arches, those were due to forgetting my insole thingies. It was incredibly painful all the time, and made walking, even a little bit, pretty hurty. In he second week, I just popped them with a pin and stuck plasters and make-up pads under them. But wonky walking kills my back. Hey ho. Secondly, himself taking more than full advantage of the free booze in the gorgeous club lounges at the hotels, meant he was pissed to stupidity. One night, he was so drunk that he fell flat down in the street, and when the taxi driver dropped us off, he was unconscious and had to be manhandled to our suite by 3 members of hotel staff. That entailed me being kept awake all night, and him missing the Mekong Tour he’d asked to go on. I went, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The next day, he did the same again, although not quite as bad, but managed to get himself very severe sunburn. That entailed him missing the train journey I’d pre-paid, and having to catch a flight after mine to the next destination. After that, I felt so stressed and upset, that I just gave up. So, I haven’t fulfilled my dream of visiting the islands yet. But I will, just minus a selfish, drunken idiot.

Most of the rest of the hols, I sent him out on his bike, and I stayed by the sea or the pool, reading happily. And indulging in a few spa treatments. Not what I wanted, but no point in letting somebody else’s behaviour ruin your holiday. I can’t get my money back and I can’t get my 2 weeks off work back, so that’s that! There were some fun times, I did enjoy parts of it, but overall, I’m pretty gutted. Makes me more determined to go back! There's things *I* want to do.

On the plus side, the hotels e stayed in, for very few pennies, due to work, were fabulous! Couldn’t ask for better. And of course the food was BLOODY MARVELLOUS and cheaper than chips. So I’ve put weight on. I’ve had a week off anything, but it’s back being sensible for now. Smoking again, which is mega disappointing, my own fault, determined to have another run-up to stopping soonish. Arghhhh.

We’ve started ballroom dance classes, only 12 weeks, but hoping to pick up some moves. Quite enjoying it :)

Haven’t been out much other than a very very dwunkers and fun night with Dawnie last week. Cosmoba rocks, as always! A very quiet weekend, I got dumped on my own all of Friday night, and most of the day on Saturday, as himself has decided cycling is the new priority in his life, which isn’t a bad idea really. He got mashed again on Saturday and went to bed at 9pm LOL. We did both work hard in the garden, and that’s looking a LOT better. Need to buy some plants this weekend methinks

Keeping my head down for a bit. Lots to think about. Keeping busy and positive though!


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Apr. 5th, 2016 08:30 pm (UTC)
love you hon, you are an inspiration x
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