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Belated Birthday Post

After being filled with mighty dread, from friends who were saying 50 changes everything, I decided it would not, and so it did not!

Now, it has to be said that I did some fishing to find out what was going on. I shall skirt past TA centres, Spoons, the garden et al, and concentrate on the fact that when people were asked, they froze like rabbits in the headlights, and so who was going was pretty easy to guess, although what was harder. Poor old Greg got the blame ;)

Friday, I duly got ready, and had afternoon tea with my work-fellows - by that I mean a great deal of champagne, tapas, and cakey, all of which were delish.

Followed by........drinkies in Midtown Brasserie with Rod, Greg n Ian, and then cabbed on to a mystery venue, where the laydeez were awaiting! Not long there, then whisked off again for drinkies and dinner at the top of The Gherkin in Searcys! Absoluetly lovely. The views really were awesome. It was very special. And then back to Soho to meet up with the gang again, more drinks, and then the hardcore went to Salvador & Amanda's for late nite drinking and dancing. Trepidation at first, and then we were all up dancing and misbehaving dreadfully!

Uber cab home at 4am.

Saturday, the actual birthday day.......got hair and make up done, donned a gown and joined Rod, Dawnie and Debbie at the fantabulous suite in the St Pancras Hotel. Oh My! He had asked me to organise something I'd really like, but this really did exceeeeed my expectations! The suite was much much bigger than the photos. We had 2 personal butlers on hand to help with everything, complimentary champage, a special bath run, and oh my, I could not have asked for more!

Dinner was at http://www.thegilbertscott.co.uk/ and it was truly special. Not one member of the restaurant team failed to wish my happy birthday, and as you would expect, the food and service were exemplary. Top notch to say the least. And our guests were wonderfully dressed. And then back to the suite with it's enormous sitting room, and £50k a roll wallpaper, to quaff champagne, cocktails, chat, laugh and dance. All of our guests were also able to use Club Chambers, which frankly, was bloody marvellous.

We met lots of other guests, notably the scouse gerl who did fucking awesome (Blackadder) Queenie impressions, we saw the fights going on in the next suite, a Scouse-Brazillian wedding, they lost some guests to us. And generally just had a bloody good time!

Next morning, after another 4am finish, breakast in the lovely Chambers Club and a wonderful spa and swim in the pool.

The best photos cannot go n Facebook, hahahahaha!

I could not have asked for more. Special thanks to Dawnie and Debbie who went the extra mile to make things so perfect, and who did silly o'clcok finishes on both nights, as well as taking me for a VERY expensive night out on the Monday. Dawnie, I loved the collage, and Debbie, if anybody needs loadsa balloons blowing up.........In answer to the Monday question, one of us pissed thmselves outaside the reataurant, one went off with a complete stranger and one lost a shot. I shall say nuzzzzzing, exept that I threw a redundant shoe in the bin today :)

Birthday loot: Irregular Choice shoesies, a great photo of him and me, 2 lots of spa vocuhers ( as if I ever di such things!), Butler & Wilson sparklies, champagne, red wine, cash, Amazon vocuhers, flowers, cupcakes, cakes, a hand-written letter, a rose bush for our garden, expensive perfume and lots more besides. I am gobsmacked. REALLY! Wowza, thank you all xxxxxxx. Ny fave, a bloody fantastic montage of ME in fabulous colours from Donna, thank you, thank you xxxxxx

Sunday, post spa etc, we went home, regrouped and then drove down to my Mum, still in hospital. Very sobering, but lovely to see her and Dad.

So, a fantastic 50th. My biggest thanks goes to Rod, who really pushed the boat out both physically, emotionally abnd financially. I was the pwinces and it was all FABBBBBB, thank you xxxxxxxx


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