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Woke up on Sunday morning feeling dreadful, so all of Sunday's plans flew out of the window. My excitement was picking Rod up from TA, and having a wee walk round Hertford whilst I waited, which was nice, but I wasn't in the mood and felt groggy. Roast Lamb not so good due to lateness of soldier. Bath, War & Peace and bed.

Saturday was much more fun! Gym n brekkie with Marie, followed by a lovely afternoon/evening out! Met the gang for coffee and cakes at the Wellcome Collection for the Tibetan Secret Temple. Quick group decision that a 45 minute queue wasn't for us, and we could do one of their late night openings instead. Offed to The British Library for the Alice in Wonderland exhibition, which was hugely overcrowded, and not that spesh, so we went into the BL Treasures instead, which absolutely IS worth a visit. A quick visit to St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, totes fab. On to The Water Rat for cocktails, and the WORST Pina Colada ever, it was Malibu and Pineapple! No cream content whatsoever. The girls had Kir Royals, which I doubt had ever seen champagne or casis. So we had a bottle of house red, and that was passable. It's been done up, but give it a miss unless you want something very ordinary to drink, they can't do what they advertise. And then my ever lovely Margo and Dawnie indulged my Vietnamese piggery at Sen Viet and OMG was it goooood! No booking, and queues out of the door, but we got very lucky. A really good find. And then on to London Lumiere Festival. Mixed, as what we saw was very good, but the crowds were enormous and they turned off some of the exhibitions to keep the massive flow of people moving. Such a shame. Consolation prize was Dawnie taking me for a rather good bottle of red Notes Kings Cross a trendy wine bar.

Today, at home feeling grim, with Beechams for company. And cats. And I'm freezing n snotty and incredibly sneezy. Ewwwww.


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