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Jan. 12th, 2016

By golly, time flies. Rod and I have been together almost 10 years now. If we'd brought a house, a mortgage would almost be half paid for by now. But we've spent £84k on rent instead, which is a waste really I guess. And a shame, as I would loved to have made a home. I know everybody thinks I'm wild, and true, I'm wilder than most, but I've always wanted to belong somewhere and to someone. I'm knocking on 50, and I still have no roots.

Perhaps it's time for new dreams and new plans. The old ones just got worn down to nothing.

Mum sitch has sorta gently improved, but not counting chickens, as we've been here before. Fingers crossed though! And Dad has been feisty about the rings, I'm very pleased!!

Boo apparently got us tix for Miss Saigon, which he didn't tell me about, gave them to Janice and Katie, as it's Katie's birthday (in another month)and she wanted them, and he neglected to tell me any of this, which meant the hot bath and dinner I'd done for him were not so nice. Re-heated food and no bath, I ate alone. I don't know why people struggle so much with simple truths.

Gym with Marie tonight. Diet has started, and I'm feeling enthused! Still off the fags too!

Major new fing to learn at work. Let's see if this old dog is up to some new tricks ;)


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