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Birthay Blues

So, I shall be 50 in a couple of months. An achievement, given the amount I drink, smoke and party! I'd not dreading the age, I think I look good for forty-nine-and-three-quarters! But I think it's going to be a bit of a non-event. Boo doesn't hold with birthdays or special occasions. I was looking forward to doing Sleaze City that week, but the date has been changed to when we're on holiday, which I'm absolutey gutted about, I love doing that club. Not a lot to do about that, it's a venue issue. And my friends have taken months not to decide on anything, LMAO! I would like to celebrate big stylee of course, and have surprises and all that, and I really am fed up of optimistically saying "maybe next time" about absofuckinglutey everything. But I'm not going to do anything.

Vietnam is coming on really well. I am making it as luxurious and 5* as I possibly can, with surprisingly little money considering. It's an art form I think. And this holiday will be about sun, shopping and luxxing. It's my turn.

Mum ok. CT scan showed very constipated, poor thing, MRI tomorrow I think, and she is still heavily dosed on antibiotics. A decision on amputation soon.

Party invite for Saturday, but it's an indoor smoker. I am doing really really well so far, and I feel twitchy about being there, so will probably give it a miss. I don't want to stumble so close to the finish line. I also realise my withdrawal from nicotine and cigarettes, is making me feel depressed, but I shall plough on :)


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