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Dec. 7th, 2015

Army do on Saturday was good, we were placed well on a fun table. It was actually better than expected! Music was very dancey, which we both enjoyed, had a laugh in the photo booth, caught up with a few peeps and generally had a good time. Free hotel was a blessing, getting up early the next day so he could sell his stuff wasn't! I was supposed to tidy and pack for Oz, but I fell asleep with the cats, and ended up doing 2 hours of hurried haus-frauing, still haven't packed. May do it this evening. Lots of leftover wine, which he purloined, we had some of that last night, along with a delivery Chinese feast, which was so big it'll cover tonight's dins too. Couldn't face cooking, too tired.

Speaking of cats, what a change in Murphy! He's now mega-mates with boo, and has taken to actually cuddling up on laps this week! No idea what brought that change on! The big, rangy leopard hunter has turned into Bagpuss! No change in Her Madgesty of course :)

Went out with the girls on Wednesday, and that was fun. Cucina Asselina again, lovely food and unlimited Prosecco, weeee. Not a late night though as it's restricted to 2 hours, perfect, as nobody lives central. Himself was out on Monday and Weds with worky-dos as well. On Monday he arranged some alternative accommodation for his daft self, and told some rather tall tales. A lesson learned I hope. And he's very lucky I am a lover of facts and truth, and am generous and loving towards him. Very lucky. A two-way street would've been nice.

Still very much in thought re many things. No apologies forthcoming so far. No point in any discussion as he's in petulant 12 year old mode, and as for her, not a friend, just somebody I know obviously. A friend would care that boundaries were overstepped and upset was caused.

Just 5 more days and we're off to Oz, wooo hoo.


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