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Sleaze City was good on Friday, overshadowed by foxxx for me though. It was a long night on my feet, and then had to walk back to the hotel, leaving me feeling half crippled the next day unfortunately. But we visited the parentals in Kent. Mum is looking gaunt and ill again, I was quite shocked. The plus was Lucy turning up and giving me flowers for my Sharm assistance. I was quite touched as she hasn't spoken to me for over a year now. We'll see what happens on that front. Saturday night we did not a lot else, it was nice to cuddle on the sofa and chill.

Sunday we took my ring back, and to my utter surprise, they said they would replace the diamond. And I didn't even have to shout at them! Very pleased about that. And just around the corner, a lone bagpiper, which made me think of foxxx again. I stood with him in quiet contemplation for a few minutes and gave him a couple of quid. I am feeling less sad now, but the funeral is yet to come. Hey ho. Rest of Sunday we just mooched, he cooked a lovely dinner and we had some wine n telly. Bugger all housework done :)

Amsterdam weekend coming up soon. Again, overshadowed by foxxx I'm afraid, but I'm sure we'll have a good time anyway. I have arranged my replacement at the Army bash and Rod will either behave himself or make another monumental fuck up and upset me hugely, as he is prone to do. Let's hope he makes a good choice.

Hoping for a quiet week.


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