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I met you years ago, fifteen at least, maybe more, in Sweet Torments. You complimented me on my outfits, we started chatting and never really looked back.

You became a regular at the London Ladies' Munch, and of course you met Mark at one of my event nights, Unmasked at what used to be The Fringe in Kennington. I can see you now, perched on a high stool, swinging your perfect pins, stocking clad, and impeccably shod, flirting like billy-o, and it worked. Happy happy days.

In between, garden parties, dinners, nights out to good restaurants. You even came walking with me once, and didn't complain, even though your shoes were inappropriate and I managed to get us a little "lost". Phone calls that went on for hours. You love Rod, although not the way he's treated me in the past. I've no idea what you said to him last Sunday, but it's given him food for thought, so thank you. Always a wise foxxx.

You were there for me when I had the triple whammy of illness, losing my home and my partner. You were an absolute rock, with sterling advice, and an even more sterling plan of action. One that's still working today, so thank you again.

And the not-so-good times when your brain went bang. Walking in to your critical care room, seeing you pale, head half shaved and tubes coming out of you. But you knew my voice without opening your eyes, and remembered that we were going to a pirate party. You were unable to make it, a shame, as you do love dressing up. I have told the others the dress code for your funeral, and I'll make sure "no effort, no entry" is applied!

The Champagne Rammys were always good fun, and your family took to your fet friends really well! I've organised another when you're gone, but I'm not entirely sure I'll have the heart to go through with it. In fact there were so many things I wanted to do for you, but you've not been well enough. But we'll catch up one day, I promise.

You called me your mirror mate. I'm still honoured, to this day.

Today I called to speak to you, and your meds have been changed again. You were slipping in and out of delirium and so I said I'll call you on Monday. But I think you might go to sleep before then. I was panicked last weekend, I'd convinced myself you were going to die on All Hallows, but you didn't. I didn't want to go out, I wanted to be with you at the end, like we said. Maybe I still can be, as you're notoriously late for most things! But if not, it doesn't really matter because I know that you know I love you.

When you get there, you'll see your Mum, and Blue of course. And don't forget my beloved Gizmo. I'm asking Nike and Victoria to speed you on your way now. I can't bear you suffering. If it's time, then let go.

You were and always will be, a true lady. A friend of the highest standing. You'll sit very comfortably among the goddesses I'm sure. Thank you for everything, and see you on the other side.


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