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Friday we took boo's eldest and her boyf to see Spectre, and I thought it was fab. Pacey and exciting. I love the Bond films anyway. Scoffed sweets n crisps all the way therough, which was a bit norty :)

And Saturday was Halloween and White Mischief. Loved all but one of the stage shows, liked the venue (Scala) a great deal, we had VIP tix, which meant a private bar and seating, and it was easy to get to the main stage for dancing, and did so with mah bebe. The others all left very early indeed, like 12.30! We stayed on, and then had a hellish time getting home, LOL.

Sunday I stayed home, boo went to collect cupcakes for foxxx, and to my surprise, she allowed him a visit for over an hour! I'm wel jel now, and wish I'd gone too, but she had been declining visitors for a week.......they have upped her meds again, and her sister says she's comfortable. I can't stop thinking about her, and I'm full of dread frankly.

Monday we went for a drink-all-you like Prosecco and 3 course meal at Cucina Aselina, and it was extremely good. The food was all spot on, and the service so good that I gave the waitress my business card, and she called me up today! I really enjoyed boo's company, we had a good time. It went horribly wrong on the way back, different trains as we got separated, but ended up making it up in the sack at 2am, hahahaha!

I've been dead lazy, no gym, and naughty with food. Tonight I whizzed up a large Vietnamese stir fry, with extra extra chillies, nom! But I have a gym date with Marie tomorrow, and will be making a LOT more of an effort. Honest guv!

My dort is in Sharm El Sheik, and that's a bit of a worry given what's going on there. On the plus side, I got her a free upgrade to a suite.

Today's bizarre beauty tip - I got a cheapo day of the dead sugar skull transfer for Saturday night, which worked a treat. And couldn't get the bugger off on Sunday (that was also part of the reason I couldn't go out!). The solution turned out to be baby lotion, and lots of it. It took aaaaages, and my face was red and puffy for a couple of hours afterwards. But within hours, it was gorgeous, haven't had such good skin for eons!


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