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It's Manageable

Well, ha!

The boiler is broken, no hot water or heating for 2 days now. Thankfully the lanlord has insurance, so will call them first thing. I hope they're quick.

To make things a tad worse, our shower clip, that holds the hose to the unit snapped, and you can't get replacements, so it's a hand-held jobbie. I have showered, but I feel dirty and far from fresh or relaxed.

Rod has broken his promist not to buy more rubbish from tat shops. Usual flimsy excuses. The house is in such a dire strait, it awful.

I spray painted my boots for the weekend and hung them outside the back door to dry. Literally minutes after, I went and had the pretendy shower, and is started pissing down.

Virgin box bust on Sunday I think. Replacement arrived today, at least they were quick.

Had to trash my lovely manicure, as spray paining in the dark isn't the way forward.

Brought expensive pair of MBT trainers as I though they would be my salvation. Instead, I have blisters and corns as well as very painful feet, after just one day.

But then I look at how some of my lovely lady friends are at the moment, and all I can say is, all of the above is manageable. And so I will just soldier on.


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