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1. I got my Skippy Kangaroo back on Friday night. Couldn't be happier!

2. Mr, or maybe Mrs (how do you sex them) Hedgehog merrily scoffed a whole bowl of cat food and then cat buscuits and then drunk the water bowl dry. This was with the cats running up and down the steps beside it, me stood there talking and bad weather. Before, it used to mostly scurry away, or do the "ball" thing. So, is it a "tamer" hodge or simply a very very hungry hodge? We shall probably never know.

3. Cats went to the vets this morning. Apparently, Murphy has a heart murmur. I looked this up in cats as soon as I got home and it's very common, and even just comes and goes in cats. So we'll leave it til the next check up, and maybe go to a closer vet, as the car journey has him howling literally ALL of the way, which stresses him. Madge has got very tartared teef. Despite the fact she mostly only eats dry food! So she'll have to go in when Xmas is done, and have £200 of dental work, hey ho.

4. Foxxx. Had a long visit this afternoon, and kept my shit together a lot better than I anticipated. The crying when the nurses did her injection was absolutely awful, as is seeing her soooo frail. But she hasn't lost a single spark in her brain, and so was chatting away, almost as if nothing was wrong. But we spoke frankly of death and her funeral. She wants people in evening or cocktail dress, with favour on red or leopard. And champagne swigging, going out in the style of a good-time-gal, with a humanist service. And ashes scattered on a beach near where she comes from. Her son Paul, and sister Kath are doing really well, and MD is there now too. She doesn't want to go, she has a lot still to do, but I don't want to see her in pain or suffering. Such a wonderful, nay amazing, lady. You simply could not ask for finer. I sat and held her hand or stroked her feet

The rest, I wish to keep to myself.


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