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Sat Quietly

Contemplating life and death.

If it were me, and of course my time will come, I don't want to linger, or for people to see me ill and frail. But I do want to see special people before I go. I'll hang on in there, if I need to.

It's the small things in life that actually count.

Murphy of late, has wanted to sit on my lap. Not still, or indeed for any length of time, but is is his way of showing his trust and affection. Madge is affectionate, in her own way, by spraaawlinging on furs and turning the purr engine on, literally on sight. Oh, and of course the deceased, or almost-deceased gifts.

Boo, well, I can see when he's trying hard to do things to please me, which he is at the moment, and it's lovely. Asking about my birthday, trying to book suites, putting things on FB for me. And of course meeting me at the station after my misadventure of a journey last weekend. I am so looking forward to him being hime, I really am.

Friends confiding in me.

All these things are counting heavily at the moment, for I know that I am on the verge of losing a very, very dear friend. One who has meant so much to me over the years. The one who propped me up and dried my tears when my little world just imploded. The one who found me this house, our home. A practical lady, as well as being timelessly elegant, empathetic and simply lovely. And much more bitchy than most folk think, extrenmely bloody funny, a gossiping harridam and a gimlet eye that missed nothing!

I have just realised how much we have lost of since the aneurism.

I don't know what else to say other than: Nike and Victoria, do your work please. She does not deserve to suffer.


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