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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In that order.

Spend the weekend in Montrose, Scotland, with Rod. He downgraded himself from an executive room and moved to one with a bath - now that's love! Friday night we went to a drinks-n-food paid for work party, which was fun! I was everso knackered, but the Irish and the Scots kept me perky! Nice little bar, Sharky's, which turned out to be a very big 2 floor bar with a private hideaway and great staff. It was buffet food, but very decent, as was their wine. This resulted in an awful hangover and me feeling ill on Saturday morning.

Up early, due to the headache, and a lovely full Scottish breakfast, followed by some back-to-bed. Which saw me feeling much better, and so we did part of The Blue Door Walk http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/angus/edzell.shtml which we did a very small section of last time we were up, I think maybe 8 years ago. It's an exceptionally lovely, and not too difficult or boggy walk, with fantastic river and mountain scenery. I absolutely LOVED it. And then on to town for coffee and cake, and of course Rod found a charity shop!

And on to Lunan beach, which was almost deserted, save a couple of dog walkers. I can only imagine how gorgeous this place must be in the summer, it is a stunning spot.

Saturday evening we went to But N Ben, said to be the best restaurant for miles around, and I was much more subdued with the vino!

The bad was the bloody journey! Cab from home to the station, train from Cheshunt to Bishop's Stortford, another from there to Stansted Airport. Naturally, the plane was very delayed, meaning I would miss my train connection at the other end. Was told tram was the quickest way into Edinburgh. Wasn't told the tram station was a 10 minute walk from Edinburgh Waverley! Thinking on my feet, I jumped off the tram at Edinburgh Park, got on a train to Edinburgh Haymarket and then another train to Montrose. Except that was jam-packed and I had to stand til Abroath, and it cost me more! But I made it! What a blood palaver! Boo drove me (at expense) from the hotel to Edinburgh airport this morning, which saved a lot of time and hassle, and I got a direct train from Stansted to home, which cut the return journey down even more. But 8 hours there and 6.5 back! OMG!!

The ugly. Foxxx is getting worse. I don't want to write anything more about this at the moment, because I am oscillating between very upset and very angry. We will visit her on Saturday. It's so FUCKING unfair.


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