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Only caught up with news last night, I’ve been so bloody busy! Labour “activists” spitting and egging people attending the Conservative Party conference. Disgusting, but I think Boris Johnson put them nicely in their place. https://www.facebook.com/borisjohnson/posts/10153268022586317 And Corbyn leads a party in the disarray he’s caused himself. Ho hum.

Wars wage on, people killing people, many in the name of religion
. It’s really depressing. Millions now displaced.

And I had a mail from a friend, who keeps chickens at the junior school she works at. A person, or persons, stole the chickens, stamped on them, stabbed them, beheaded them and then chucked them back into the school grounds. I’m absolutely sickened by such pointless cruelty and violence. What IS the point?

Society, as a whole, is pretty disappointing. People are often disappointing. Friendships rely on convenience, so few are prepared to put the effort in any more. Lovely Shani is off Facebook for several (good) reasons, which I don’t go into. But people are continually asking me to ask her to go back on. And what would be so difficult about picking up the phone, or, god forbid, actually visiting her? I manage, and I’m quite a distance away. I don’t think people care very much about anything any more, not even other people.

So, Saturday started with having a boy round to do some cleaning, and then I got all of my chores done. Not terribly exciting, but Sunday was much better! Margs came over, we cycled over to the lakes and fed the terns, moorhens and ducks. Swans weren’t interested. And what a fabulous weather day it was! Absoltely gorgeous. And then we orffed to Ware in the car, for the vintage fair. Small, but I managed to find a bag I loved, and Margs got a fan and a pair of glasses. And that was followed up by a very busy and fun Local Munch. My favourite people were there! Feeling blessed on the friends front 

A quieter week this week, although out for dins tonight and off to see Rod on Friday. Looking forward to that 


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